How Our Projects Work

The U.S. State Department’s, Overseas Buildings Operations, Office of Cultural Heritage provides the Fund to Conserve with information about heritage buildings and collections facing the greatest need for preservation, conservation, and specialized repairs. The two entities work in tandem to ensure a shared understanding about priority preservation work and the funding necessary to steward heritage assets into the future as venues for American diplomacy. Thus, a project is born, and the work begins!

Current Ambassadors and other high ranking foreign service officials may be granted “fundraising authority” by the State Department and, as we have found, they are the ideal person to approach key individuals and/or companies. This process is handled through the Office of Cultural Heritage on a case-by-case basis and, if authority is granted, everyone has a maximum donation amount that they are permitted to cultivate from a donor.

The Fund to Conserve works with the Office of Cultural Heritage to establish and maintain an effective relationship with State department officials at the U.S. embassy where the specific project is located. For instance, the Hiawatha Project is focused on raising a $2 million preservation and maintenance endowment for Hiawatha, an active vessel affiliated with the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul, Türkiye. Therefore, we are working closely with staff at both the U.S. Embassy in Ankara and the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul to create and provide the materials necessary for the Ambassador and the Consul General to approach various donor prospects.

We develop marketing and development materials for each project. These materials vary depending upon the project’s scale and goal; however, they often include: a case statement, lead giving levels, supporting giving levels, ways to donate, project phases, cost breakdowns, gift request letters, etc. The Fund to Conserve researches and identifies donor prospects and potential partners for specific projects. We work with donors to facilitate their gift and ensure appropriate acknowledgement. All donations matter – no matter the amount from $5.00 to $5 million – every gift makes an impact!

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