Preserving and Restoring
Diplomatic Treasures Abroad

Initiated in 2012, The Fund to Conserve United States Diplomatic Treasures Abroad is a public-private partnership with the U.S. Department of State and its Office of Cultural Heritage. The nonprofit organization promotes the conservation and stewardship of the Department’s architecturally and culturally significant overseas buildings and it heritage collections of fine and decorative arts. Representing over 200 years of U.S. diplomacy, these buildings and collections reflect and honor the rich traditions of the countries in which the U.S. operates diplomatic missions.

Through fundraising outreach at home and abroad, The Fund to Conserve advocates active stewardship of these national treasures. By shepherding their conservation and ongoing care, the U.S. pays homage to the cultural heritage of our nation’s partners and promotes the true spirit of diplomacy.

The establishment of The Fund to Conserve United States Diplomatic Treasures Abroad reflects a growing sense of stewardship toward the U.S. State Department’s overseas properties. Worldwide, other nations entrust the U.S. government with treasured cultural assets that support our diplomatic presence in their homeland. It is our nation’s duty and privilege to care for these historic buildings and collections.

With Department resources focused on pressing global concerns, there is immediate need for conservation support. Currently, dozens of culturally or architecturally significant buildings at U.S. diplomatic posts worldwide have been identified for conservation or restoration, and works of art spanning several centuries require care.

By raising sponsorship for these efforts, The Fund to Conserve supports the State Department in honoring world heritage and fostering good diplomacy.

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“United States cultural heritage properties overseas, which include embassies, consulates, and ambassadors’ residences, serve as tangible examples of America’s diplomatic history. The conservation of these properties and their collections of fine and decorative arts is one of the greatest forms of cultural diplomacy we perform. The Fund to Conserve brings together a community of individuals, foundations, and corporations dedicated to stewardship of these iconic emblems of America’s presence on the world stage.”

Mike Pompeo
U.S. Secretary of State

“As stewards of the cultural heritage that has been entrusted to us, we have the honor and responsibility of caring for it…In doing so, we demonstrate our respect and appreciation for the host country’s history and culture, which is the foundation for a strong, constructive diplomatic relationship.”

John Forbes Kerry,
U.S. Secretary of State (2013-2017)

“I began my Foreign Service career four decades ago, and one of my early assignments was as a General Services Officer in charge of the U.S. Embassy properties in Paris. We’ve come a long way since then in systematically caring for our buildings…art and other objects that compose the Department’s heritage collection. The Fund to Conserve is an invaluable partner in this effort.”


Patrick Kennedy,
Former Under Secretary for Management, U.S. Department of State

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Art preservation

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