Developing Our Preservation Projects

A strategic process for identifying and addressing the conservation needs of cultural properties

Each year, the Office of Cultural Heritage conducts two to three Historic Structure Reports and five to ten historical research projects on significant properties. In addition, staff visits multiple posts a year to assess the condition of the buildings and heritage collections. Projects are then identified from the recommendations made in the reports and assessments.

We have initially identified forty-one projects, spread throughout all regions of the world. They range in cost from $25,000 to $4,100,000 and could last from six months to three years from the time a donation is made to project completion. Each spring, the Office of Cultural Heritage meets with the Fund to Conserve’s board of directors to determine any new endeavors to be added to the list of projects for which the organization will seek funding.

Initial phase of restoration, Samuel Bernard Room, Hôtel Rothschild, the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence, Paris.

Intermediate phase of restoration, Salon Samuel Bernard.

Fully restored Salon Samuel Bernard as it appears today.

“The preservation of our culturally significant sites and heritage collection is an important part of cultural diplomacy.  As the current stewards, it is our responsibility to continue caring for these sites, structures, and objects just as the forebears did, so future generations around the world can continue to be brought together as part of our combined cultural history.”  

Tobin Tracey

Tobin Tracey
Director, Office Of Cultural Heritage

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    Conservator examining one of four, Salon Samuel Bernard oil on canvas over door paintings prior to its installation.

“I began my Foreign Service career four decades ago, and one of my early assignments was as a General Services Officer in charge of the U.S. Embassy properties in Paris. We’ve come a long way since then in systematically caring for our buildings…art and other objects that compose the Department’s heritage collection. The Fund to Conserve is an invaluable partner in this effort.”

Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy
Former Under Secretary for Management, U.S. Department of State

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    Oil on canvas over door painting depicting goddess with staff.