Preserving Properties of Distinction

Projects to conserve historic and architectural treasures under U.S. auspices abroad

The State Department’s cultural property includes historic and culturally significant architecture worldwide. This encompasses buildings, adjacent grounds and landscapes associated with the United State’s diplomatic presence. Many buildings are listed on the Secretary of State’s Register of Culturally Significant Property, as well as the host country’s equivalent of the U.S.’s National Register of Historic Places. The responsibility of providing professional stewardship, preservation and maintenance of the Department’s unique and significant buildings, grounds and landscapes falls under the auspices of the Office of Cultural Heritage, a component of the Department’s Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations. The Fund to Conserve U.S. Diplomatic Treasures Abroad assists Cultural Heritage with special projects that might otherwise be delayed indefinitely.         

“I began my Foreign Service career four decades ago, and one of my early assignments was as a General Services Officer in charge of the U.S. Embassy properties in Paris. We’ve come a long way since then in systematically caring for our buildings…art and other objects that compose the Department’s heritage collection. The Fund to Conserve is an invaluable partner in this effort.”


Patrick Kennedy
Former Under Secretary for Management, U.S. Department of State

“Each structure and artifact represents generations of cultural heritage and tradition. As a trustee of these national treasures, the U.S. embraces the opportunity to preserve them for posterity. In doing so, we serve and honor our diplomatic hosts and promote goodwill in the global community.”

Marcia Mayo

Marcia Mayo
Executive Director, The Fund to Conserve